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is an award-winning director, actor and producer. She has directed 11 plays (7 original works) to rave reviews, broken box office records, sold out and extended runs. The most recent, Evermore Theatre’s debut production of Dry Powder (‘19), to commercial success.

As a film director, the short With You Always, had it’s world premiere at The Canadian Film Festival (‘19) and it’s US debut at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California. Last year, the short Rive, won Best Foreign Drama in Atlanta, premiered at the Art Gallery of Ontario (‘18) and will be released on NSI this month. Her first film creation, Now & Then, was featured in The New York Times (‘10). She’s also directed documentary shorts for TVO’s Get Involved! (‘09).

As an actor, Angela has worked on over 40 productions for film, television, theatre and voice. These include The Kennedys (History), Lost Girl, Bitten (Syfy), Copper (BBC America), Salvation (CBS), Condor (DirecTV) and most recently In The Dark (CW) and the upcoming Mrs. America (FX).

She currently runs On-Camera and Scene Study classes through The Lighthouse Acting Studio, as well as coaching top talent privately through Inside Light Studio in Toronto.


Razor sharp performances and direction of Evermore Theatre’s DRY POWDER ..

the actors, under director Angela Besharah, handle the biz speak with clarity and commitment. Besharah is especially good at getting the actors to physicalize their performances..
— Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine
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The primary reason to check out Besharah’s production is Liddiard’s go-for-broke performance: she commits, boy does she ever.. Besharah & Liddiard push the portrayal of Jenny daringly but successfully towards slapstick..
— Karen Fricker, The Toronto Star
... a subtle stroke of genius.
— Sailor's Song, Mooney on Theatre
This is the kind of show you walk away from and marvel at the sheer talent in the indie theatre scene in Toronto.
— Echoes, Mooney on Theatre
The Bear floored me. I’m not sure I ever stopped laughing. Consider my appreciation for Chekhov renewed!
— The Bear, Mooney on Theatre
.. director Angela Besharah has drawn searingly intense, committed performances from [her actors].. their performances are so painfully real and so vividly disturbing..
— Echoes, Christopher Hoile, Stage Door
You can’t help feeling like you are seeing the future of theatre.
— The Keeper's Secret, Eye Magazine


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